Trustable Credit

How do we create high quality trustable credits for voluntary markets?

By working towards international open standardised processes for digital devices and their data measuring carbon, biodiversity and nature improvements

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EOLAS Insight joins Trustable Credit

EOLAS Insight, a smart ecology organisation, has joined Trustable Credit. EOLAS use high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery and artificial intelligence to deliver insights into land usage and animal behaviour. They use smart technologies to support ecologists, land managers, conservationists, farmers, and estate managers in looking after their part of the world and the wildlife inContinue reading “EOLAS Insight joins Trustable Credit”

NatureMetrics joins Trustable Credit

NatureMetrics,  provider of biodiversity monitoring data, using environmental DNA (eDNA) surveys, metabarcoding and more, has joined Trustable Credit. NatureMetrics’ DNA-based technologies produce robust datasets that answer critical ecological questions for a range of applications. Their services can also be combined to address complex questions about biodiversity at the ecosystem or landscape scale. Years of research and developmentContinue reading “NatureMetrics joins Trustable Credit”

Digital Devices & Biodiversity Data at Bunloit

Trustable Credit co-creator Bunloit Rewilding have spent the last year trialling the use of various digital devices to collect trustable data about carbon sequestration, biodiversity and nature improvements. Hannah visited and made a film for the Farm Advisory Service about Bunloit’s measurement of natural capital baselines, and the practicalities of doing it with digital devicesContinue reading “Digital Devices & Biodiversity Data at Bunloit”

Computational Sustainability Lab joins Trustable Credit

The Computational Sustainability Lab, Edinburgh Napier University’s new physical and virtual lab, has joined Trustable Credit. The Computational Sustainability Lab aims to deepen understanding of sustainability informatics and support the development of sustainable practices in all domains. Work in the field of computational sustainability is inherently interdisciplinary, as is action on sustainable development in general. TheContinue reading “Computational Sustainability Lab joins Trustable Credit”

RETINA joins Trustable Credit

RETINA, the NERC funded project for dynamic monitoring, reporting and verification for implementing negative emission strategies in managed ecosystems , has joined Trustable Credit. RETINA is undertaking transdisciplinary research to harness recent advances in digital technology to make a step change in delivering integrated management options, co-produced with stakeholders, which can help to mitigate climate change.Continue reading “RETINA joins Trustable Credit”

Map of Ag joins Trustable Credit

Map of Ag, the global data platform connecting farms and industry has joined Trustable Credit. Map of Ag’s data platform connects farm and agrifood sector data using a highly trusted permissioning and data management engine that puts each business in complete control of their data. Their expertise in data allows them to provide innovative insightsContinue reading “Map of Ag joins Trustable Credit”

Earthly joins Trustable Credit

Earthly, the movement to invest in nature led by experts and businesses, has joined Trustable Credit. Earthly is a platform that connects businesses to high-quality nature-based solutions (NbS) that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and support local communities. They are starting a Natural Revolution with people who want to work with nature, not against it, helpingContinue reading “Earthly joins Trustable Credit”

Terranomics joins Trustable Credit

Terranomics, a consultancy focused on economic solutions to environmental problems, has joined Trustable Credit. Terranomics is a UK-based consultancy with over 20 years experience in scaling up private investment in sustainable land use, climate change and conservation. Terranomics work with a range of leading corporations, investors, donors, NGOs and governments on their approach to these topics. TerranomicsContinue reading “Terranomics joins Trustable Credit”

Treeconomy joins Trustable Credit

Treeconomy, the carbon capture company, has joined Trustable Credit. Treeconomy exists to combat climate change and biodiversity loss by valuing and enhancing natural capital. They are revolutionising the forest carbon offset industry via the use of remote sensing technology and an end-to-end business model. Treeconomy connects rural landowners directly to the global carbon offset market,Continue reading “Treeconomy joins Trustable Credit”

University of Glasgow joins Trustable Credit

The University of Glasgow’s School of Computing Science has joined Trustable Credit. Since 1957, when Glasgow became the first university in Scotland to have an electronic computer, they have built a reputation for the excellence of their Computing Science research and our graduates. Today, the School is one of the foremost in the UK, settingContinue reading “University of Glasgow joins Trustable Credit”

Finance Earth Joins Trustable credit

Finance Earth, the mission-driven social enterprise, which is working in partnership with world leading environmental organisations to protect and restore nature, has joined Trustable Credit. Utilising market based mechanisms and implementing bespoke financial tools, Finance Earth help create projects – and the investment vehicles to fund them – that balance positive outcomes for nature, communitiesContinue reading “Finance Earth Joins Trustable credit”

National Milk Records Group joins Trustable Credit

National Milk Records (NMR) Group, the plc with five subsidiary businesses, has joined Trustable Credit. From its formation in 1943, NMR has grown and developed into an integrated service provider working for both farmers and milk buyers as well as an independent source of data from advisors such as vets, farm consultants and breed societies.Continue reading “National Milk Records Group joins Trustable Credit”

Astrosat joins Trustable Credit

Astrosat, an earth observation company based in Scotland, has joined Trustable Credit. Astrosat are bursting with innovative ideas that use space technology. They are experts in combining freely available satellite data with ground data to derive insights that enhance our understanding of challenges on Earth. By visualising this data, decision makers can make timely interventionsContinue reading “Astrosat joins Trustable Credit”

The Palladium Group joins Trustable Credit

Palladium, a global positive impact company operating in over 90 countries, has joined trustable Credit. Palladium works with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Palladium is in the business of making the world a better place, and they believe that collaborative models and systemic approaches are the way to achieveContinue reading “The Palladium Group joins Trustable Credit”

The Lifescape Project joins Trustable Credit

The Lifescape Project was founded in 2017 to help create a world with restored and rewilded landscapes, providing a sustainable future for all life on earth, and reversing the ongoing sixth mass extinction. In pursuit of that, Lifescape undertakes projects internationally to rewild, restore and protect ecosystems.  In pursuing its projects Lifescape harnesses a multi-disciplinaryContinue reading “The Lifescape Project joins Trustable Credit”

Arbtech Consulting joins Trustable Credit

Arbtech Consulting, the UK’s number one aboricultural and ecological surveys consultancy, has joined Trustable Credit. Arbtech helps businesses and homeowners obtain planning permission when ecological or arboricultural surveys are required, and provides on the ground ecology consulting training for graduates. Robert Oates, Founder and Managing Director, said: “We are the nerds of nature, the grasslandContinue reading “Arbtech Consulting joins Trustable Credit”

CENSIS joins Trustable Credit

CENSIS, Scotland’s Innovation Centre for sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, has joined Trustable Credit. Accelerating business growth using sensing, imaging and IoT technologies from nano-sized sensors to satellite imaging from space, CENSIS works with private and public organisations of all sizes to de-risk and accelerate innovation and overcome technology barriers with independent,Continue reading “CENSIS joins Trustable Credit”


SmartRural joins TrustableCredit

SmartRural, a user owned, agriculture focused cooperative for rural digital connectivity has joined Trustable Credit. SmartRural works with the full spectrum of rural stakeholders – individuals, businesses, infrastructure owners, agencies etc., to help them understand and value, what data can do for them and how they can “Work Smarter, not Harder”. In parallel they deploy the infrastructure whichContinue reading “SmartRural joins TrustableCredit”

Applied Genomics joins Trustable Credit

Applied Genomics, the DNA analysis service lab whose mission is to build better understanding of where the wild things are, has joined Trustable Credit. Applied Genomics use DNA-based technologies to quantify biodiversity, creating big data opportunities for measuring the current state of biodiversity, providing indicators for genetic diversity and identifying tipping-points between biological communities alongContinue reading “Applied Genomics joins Trustable Credit”

FinTech Scotland joins Trustable Credit

FinTech Scotland, the Scottish fintech Cluster Management Organisation has joined Trustable Credit. FinTech Scotland has been established to secure Scotland’s place as a global fintech hub. They bring together entrepreneurs, the established financial sector, the public sector, accelerators, investors, consumer groups, technology and service firms, universities and skills agencies. Awarded European cluster management excellence accreditationContinue reading “FinTech Scotland joins Trustable Credit”

International business of Federated Hermes joins Trustable Credit

Federated Hermes, the first UK institutional investor to set carbon target across their UK real estate portfolio, have joined Trustable Credit. The international business is the UK’s foremost sustainable investor. They are widely recognised as a global pioneer in sustainable investment and are a founding signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment, the ‘world’s leading proponentContinue reading “International business of Federated Hermes joins Trustable Credit”

NatureScot joins Trustable Credit

NatureScot, Scotland’s Nature Agency, has joined TrustableCredit. NatureScot is Scotland’s nature agency. They work to improve the natural environment in Scotland and inspire everyone to care more about it. NatureScot is the lead public body responsible for advising Scottish Ministers on all matters relating to the natural heritage. Their purpose is to: promote, care forContinue reading “NatureScot joins Trustable Credit”

Agrimetrics joins Trustable Credit

Agrimetrics, one of the UK’s four Agri-tech Centres, has joined Trustable Credit. A unique collaboration of Government, academia and industry, Agrimetrics provides a data catalogue, data marketplace and data capabilities that meet the most pressing needs of the agrifood sector. They pioneer new digital technologies to connect, analyse and interpret data that previously has beenContinue reading “Agrimetrics joins Trustable Credit”

Scottish Wildlife Trust pledges support for Trustable Credit

The Scottish Wildlife Trust have offered to play a supportive and facilitative role for Trustable Credit. The Scottish Wildlife Trust is a registered charity dedicated to conserving the wildlife and natural environment of Scotland. The Trust successfully champions the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work, demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and innovativeContinue reading “Scottish Wildlife Trust pledges support for Trustable Credit”

Forest Carbon joins Trustable Credit

Forest Carbon, which leads the way in UK woodland creation for carbon capture, has joined Trustable Credit. Forest Carbon Ltd. undertakes woodland creation and peatland restoration for carbon capture and ecosystem services. Through the planting of over 9.5 million new trees since 2006, their partners’ projects are removing nearly 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 from theContinue reading “Forest Carbon joins Trustable Credit”

Future Food Beacon of Excellence joins Trustable Credit

The University of Nottingham’s Future Food Beacon of Excellence has joined Trustable Credit. The Beacon is an open research platform working across global food systems to deliver sustainable food and nutritional security. They are bringing together the power of genome-enabled plant and animal sciences with cutting-edge nutrition science, food processing, manufacturing and digital technologies. TheirContinue reading “Future Food Beacon of Excellence joins Trustable Credit”

SAOS joins Trustable Credit

SAOS, Scotland’s experts on farmer co‑ops and food industry collaboration, have joined Trustable Credit. SAOS (Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society) was established in 1905 to strengthen the profitability and effectiveness of Scotland’s farming and rural businesses through co-operation. Over many years, SAOS has developed and expanded, and today they work together with co‑ops and businesses inContinue reading “SAOS joins Trustable Credit”

Agri-EPI joins Trustable Credit

Agri-EPI, the pioneering agritech and precision engineering centre for the farming sector has joined Trustable Credit. The Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation (Agri-EPI) Centre accelerates the research, development and adoption of precision agriculture and engineering technology. Sustainably boosting productivity, reducing emissions and increasing profitability across the whole agri-food chain, through their world-class R&D facilities, academic andContinue reading “Agri-EPI joins Trustable Credit”

Farm Carbon Toolkit joins Trustable Credit

Social enterprise Farm Carbon Toolkit has joined Trustable Credit. Farm Carbon Toolkit’s aim is to encourage and support farmers and growers to reduce their farm greenhouse gas emissions, increase their farm energy resilience and in doing so also improve their farm business in the future. Set up by farmers, their vision is a farming sectorContinue reading “Farm Carbon Toolkit joins Trustable Credit”

Highland Boundary joins Trustable Credit

Highland Boundary, the Wild Scottish Spirit company, has joined Trustable Credit. Highland Boundary captures the unique and unusual flavours of the Scottish wilderness and distils them into wild-inspired & botanical Scottish Spirits and Liqueurs. Founder Dr Marian Bruce said: “We’re looking forward to being involved in developing open standards for Trustable credits – we areContinue reading “Highland Boundary joins Trustable Credit”

Agrecalc joins Trustable Credit

Agrecalc, SAC Consulting’s farm carbon footprint reporting calculator tool and service has joined Trustable Credit. Agrecalc is a carbon footprint tool developed by SAC Consulting together with SRUC researchers. It enables farm enterprises to identify and measure emissions, benchmark key performance indicators, identify mitigation strategies and monitor improvements. They help deliver net-zero emissions from foodContinue reading “Agrecalc joins Trustable Credit”

Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit

Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit to experiment with the standards within their CreditNATURE project. Ecosulis specialises in making their clients’ nature restoration ambitions a reality. They do this by delivering habitat design and nature recovery initiatives that leave a positive and lasting legacy. With expertise developed over 30 years of operation, their pioneering, science-based consultancy is complemented perfectly byContinue reading “Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit”

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