Working group 3 minutes

On 19th January 2022, a smaller group of us met to discuss pilot projects in detail.

Ben Hart and I summarised the outcomes that Bunloit had achieved using digital devices to gather data about their faunal biodiversity baseline. Much of it ended up being Tier 3 measurement level. Digital camera traps, eDNA kits, digital acoustic recorders and their apps were discussed. I reported that we were writing a paper showing that practitioners could use digital devices to provide ‘decision grade data’, as characterised by the TNFD. The paper is now complete and under review with the Scottish Geographical Journal.

Two new pilots to further test digital devices and their measurement processes and data verification will begin shortly – one at new RSPB reserve in Glencripesdale, where we’ll measure the biodiversity baseline before a programme of restoration in a patch of temperate rainforest there. Harry of Treeconomy is keen to experiment with different high resolution remote sensing approaches for gathering data about forest health. The data results will be used to power a fundraising drive for the project there, supported by What3Words.

We will also be measuring biodiversity and carbon baselines at Lauriston Farm, and spent sometime brainstorming together their shopping list of apps and sensors required.

I’m no further forward with the writing of the standards, but there is growing momentum to think about the use of digital measurement tools. For example, Verra is establishing a new digital measurement, reporting, and verification (DMRV) working group – Ben and I have applied to be a part of it. For them, DMRV encompasses a broad range of technologies, software, services, and digital tools designed to perform MRV functions for climate change mitigation activities. 

I have applied for a Subak fellowship to further support me to take forward the Trustable Credit initiative, and had an interesting discussion with the team developing Plan Vivo’s biodiversity credit scheme, due to launch in April 2022.