Computational Sustainability Lab joins Trustable Credit

The Computational Sustainability Lab, Edinburgh Napier University’s new physical and virtual lab, has joined Trustable Credit. The Computational Sustainability Lab aims to deepen understanding of sustainability informatics and support the development of sustainable practices in all domains. Work in the field of computational sustainability is inherently interdisciplinary, as is action on sustainable development in general. TheContinue reading “Computational Sustainability Lab joins Trustable Credit”

RETINA joins Trustable Credit

RETINA, the NERC funded project for dynamic monitoring, reporting and verification for implementing negative emission strategies in managed ecosystems , has joined Trustable Credit. RETINA is undertaking transdisciplinary research to harness recent advances in digital technology to make a step change in delivering integrated management options, co-produced with stakeholders, which can help to mitigate climate change.Continue reading “RETINA joins Trustable Credit”

Soil Association joins Trustable Credit

Soil Association, the charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world, has joined Trustable Credit. Soil Association’s mission is to help everyone understand and explore the vital relationship between the health of soil, plants, animals and people. Campaigning, educating and helping everyone to grow better together.Continue reading “Soil Association joins Trustable Credit”

Map of Ag joins Trustable Credit

Map of Ag, the global data platform connecting farms and industry has joined Trustable Credit. Map of Ag’s data platform connects farm and agrifood sector data using a highly trusted permissioning and data management engine that puts each business in complete control of their data. Their expertise in data allows them to provide innovative insightsContinue reading “Map of Ag joins Trustable Credit”

Woodland Carbon Code joins Trustable Credit

The UK Woodland Carbon Code, the quality assurance standard for woodland creation projects in the UK, has joined the Trustable Credit group. Backed by the Government, the forest industry and carbon market experts, the Code is unique in providing woodland carbon units in the UK. The Woodland Carbon Code is internationally recognised for high standardsContinue reading “Woodland Carbon Code joins Trustable Credit”

Earthly joins Trustable Credit

Earthly, the movement to invest in nature led by experts and businesses, has joined Trustable Credit. Earthly is a platform that connects businesses to high-quality nature-based solutions (NbS) that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and support local communities. They are starting a Natural Revolution with people who want to work with nature, not against it, helpingContinue reading “Earthly joins Trustable Credit”

Lauriston Farm joins Trustable Credit

Lauriston Farm, the north-west Edinburgh urban site and proposed development project, has joined Trustable Credit. Edinburgh Agroecology Co-op is proposing a new vision for Lauriston Farm, transforming an existing farm into an urban food production and community hub that benefits, supports and regenerates the environment and all those connected to it. Their vision is forContinue reading “Lauriston Farm joins Trustable Credit”

Terranomics joins Trustable Credit

Terranomics, a consultancy focused on economic solutions to environmental problems, has joined Trustable Credit. Terranomics is a UK-based consultancy with over 20 years experience in scaling up private investment in sustainable land use, climate change and conservation. Terranomics work with a range of leading corporations, investors, donors, NGOs and governments on their approach to these topics. TerranomicsContinue reading “Terranomics joins Trustable Credit”

Gentle Farming joins Trustable Credit

Gentle Farming, the business supporting regenerative agriculture in the UK, has joined Trustable Credit. Gentle Farming’s business model and system allows farmers to quantify and market the amount of soil carbon they are sequestering into their soils per year. A regenerative farmer himself, founder Thomas Gent made the most of the first lockdown by lookingContinue reading “Gentle Farming joins Trustable Credit”

Agricarbon joins Trustable Credit

Agricarbon, the qualifiers of field carbon stock, has joined Trustable Credit. Soil has the potential to act as a massive, natural carbon sink, but there’s a catch: the effects are largely hidden below ground and extremely difficult to measure. Agricarbon offers a breakthrough: a new service that quantifies soil carbon stock with the highest possibleContinue reading “Agricarbon joins Trustable Credit”