Agrecalc joins Trustable Credit

Agrecalc, SAC Consulting’s farm carbon footprint reporting calculator tool and service has joined Trustable Credit. Agrecalc is a carbon footprint tool developed by SAC Consulting together with SRUC researchers. It enables farm enterprises to identify and measure emissions, benchmark key performance indicators, identify mitigation strategies and monitor improvements. They help deliver net-zero emissions from foodContinue reading “Agrecalc joins Trustable Credit”

Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit

Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit to experiment with the standards within their CreditNATURE project. Ecosulis specialises in making their clients’ nature restoration ambitions a reality. They do this by delivering habitat design and nature recovery initiatives that leave a positive and lasting legacy. With expertise developed over 30 years of operation, their pioneering, science-based consultancy is complemented perfectly byContinue reading “Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit”

Bunloit joins Trustable Credit

The Bunloit Estate has joined Trustable Credit to co-develop and test digital data standards for gathering, measurement, analysis and storage. “We are firm believers that eventually we will need to see credit ratings applied to nature-based credit schemes – and I know that WWF and Bloomberg among others have highlighted the need for these”, says Ben Hart,Continue reading “Bunloit joins Trustable Credit”

SRUC funds the initiation of Trustable Credit

SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College) has funded the initiation of Trustable Credit. Trustable Credit has been funded by a Universities Innovation Fund grant to SRUC, provided by the Scottish Funding Council. Dr Hannah Rudman is Senior Challenge Research Fellow at SRUC and won the grant to initiate Trustable Credit. Trustable Credit is a decentralised adhocracy ofContinue reading “SRUC funds the initiation of Trustable Credit”