Terranomics joins Trustable Credit

Terranomics, a consultancy focused on economic solutions to environmental problems, has joined Trustable Credit.

Terranomics is a UK-based consultancy with over 20 years experience in scaling up private investment in sustainable land use, climate change and conservation. Terranomics work with a range of leading corporations, investors, donors, NGOs and governments on their approach to these topics. Terranomics also has its own ventures arm, developing sustainable forestry enterprises in the UK, giving us a deep understanding of the need for trustable standards on carbon, biodiversity and nature credits. Associate Tom Chellew, said:

“We are used to working on sustainable land use investments, from project origination, incubation and structuring, through to landscape level programme design and multi-stakeholder partnerships. Realistic investment models need trustable primary data for measuring impact, and we’re thrilled to be a part of Trustable Credit to develop open standards for this”.

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