GOFCoE joins Trustable Credit

The Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence (GOFCoE) has joined Trustable Credit.

The Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence (GOFCoE) has been created to deliver benefits from our personal “data trails” – digital history of our economic activity all day, every day from doing our banking to paying bills, making purchases online, using internet apps to manage all aspects of our financial lives, and much more. GOFCoE brings together companies, public bodies, charities, and universities with a common goal – to use data in a way people can trust and to deliver economic and social benefits for everyone. It is uniquely pioneering a data-based services organisation to provide innovation capability, research opportunities and talent programmes to develop the benefits of Open Finance, and other data, about consumers, businesses and citizens. Nick Hall, Chief Commercial Officer said:

“Trust is at the heart of unlocking the potential of financial data. People need to know their personal information will be safe and that their privacy will be protected. Consumers are already benefiting from open banking, which has given them the power to share their financial data with companies they trust. We’re fascinated to discover how our economic data could interact with ecological data – how the financial services sector intersects with nature, climate and biodiversity-based data. We look forward to beginning to research and develop ideas with Trustable Credit.”

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