Finance Earth Joins Trustable credit

Finance Earth, the mission-driven social enterprise, which is working in partnership with world leading environmental organisations to protect and restore nature, has joined Trustable Credit.

Utilising market based mechanisms and implementing bespoke financial tools, Finance Earth help create projects – and the investment vehicles to fund them – that balance positive outcomes for nature, communities and investors. They work in partnership with project developers, government, businesses and enablers to create investable environmental and social projects. At the same time, Finance Earth works with a range of investors to structure financial products that can accelerate delivery of the right capital to the right activity. Rich Fitton, Associate Director, said:

“We currently manage over £50 million of blended social and environmental impact funds and we have extensive experience in both innovative financing and natural capital asset management. Trustable data based on scientific measurements will be a catalyst for the development of robust voluntary markets in this space, so we’ve joined Trustable Credit to assist in co-creating the open standards for digital measuring devices and data that will help on this journey.”

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