The Lifescape Project joins Trustable Credit

The Lifescape Project, established in 2017 by a team of individuals at Clifford Chance, AECOM and the University of Cumbria, has joined Trustable Credit.

The Lifescape Project is a not-for-profit organisation set up to design and undertake conservation projects that aim to support wildlife, transform landscapes, and help to provide a future for all life. They focus on ambitious projects that look at new ways of solving complex problems and bring together the skills and expertise of the public, private, and academic sectors. At the heart of all of their projects is a commitment to delivering environmental, social, and economic sustainability in order to make sure the benefits to wildlife are lasting. Adam Eagle, CEO said:

“The Lifescape Project has a keen interest in the development of open standards to encourage more trustability in digital devices and their data measuring nature/biodiversity and carbon improvements. We have an existing test site in the Scottish Highlands which can pilot the standards, and look forward to bringing our experience and expertise to the team.”

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