CENSIS joins Trustable Credit

CENSIS, Scotland’s Innovation Centre for sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, has joined Trustable Credit.

Accelerating business growth using sensing, imaging and IoT technologies from nano-sized sensors to satellite imaging from space, CENSIS works with private and public organisations of all sizes to de-risk and accelerate innovation and overcome technology barriers with independent, technology-agnostic trusted advice and technical support. They have supported natural economy digital data projects such as digital twinning and green biodegradable electronics. CEO Paul Winstanley said:

“CENSIS is excited to join Trustable Credit to co-create open standards for digital devices and their data measuring carbon/biodiversity/nature improvements. We expect edge computing – the processing of data at the point from which it has been sourced – to grow as as new communications networks such as LpWAN or 5G are rolled out. That will create new faster, easier and more secure opportunities for land managers to gather trustable measurements from IoT sensors”.

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