SmartRural joins TrustableCredit

SmartRural, a user owned, agriculture focused cooperative for rural digital connectivity has joined Trustable Credit.

SmartRural works with the full spectrum of rural stakeholders – individuals, businesses, infrastructure owners, agencies etc., to help them understand and value, what data can do for them and how they can “Work Smarter, not Harder”. In parallel they deploy the infrastructure which will enable the data to flow through a sustainable business model that works in places low levels of data connectivity. This enables rural living, smart (digital) farming and rural resilience as we journey to net zero. Director Paul Lindop said:

“Having worked in other industries that have wrestled with standardisation around data and interoperability, it is important to do as much as you can as early as you can.  The more you can establish a shared framework for data and meta data acquisition and structure, the more you can focus on the analysis of trust worthy data to generate value, rather than wasting time cleansing data sets so that they can be used and combined. We look forward to working with Trustable Credit on this!’

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