Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit

Ecosulis joins Trustable Credit to experiment with the standards within their CreditNATURE project.

Ecosulis specialises in making their clients’ nature restoration ambitions a reality. They do this by delivering habitat design and nature recovery initiatives that leave a positive and lasting legacy. With expertise developed over 30 years of operation, their pioneering, science-based consultancy is complemented perfectly by hands-on contracting services.

Dr Paul Jepson, Nature Recovery Lead at Ecosulis, has developed the CreditNATURE project. Initially funded by Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund, the project aims to enable landowners to map carbon and biodiversity on their land.

“For the emerging carbon and biodiversity markets to work well, credits going into them will need a risk rating. It makes sense to rate credits according to the robustness of the science used in their measurement, and the quality of their data”.

Ecosulis’ Biodiversity Quality Calculator and CreditNATURE projects will benefit from applying Trustable Credit’s digital device and data standards that enable rating of measurements.

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